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    IJKDC Combatives training will positively identify a personalized approach for all participants to better benefit particular body-types using practical abilities to best suit their own unique anatomy, thus, highlighting only useful techniques that may serve them best. Students will not be expected to waste any time developing useless robotic actions that will only prove to be futile in a real-life situation. Instead, here your time in training will be maximized as much as possible during each and every training session.

    IJKDC Combatives training will assist you to reach all of your martial arts goals. Whether you choose to become a serious practitioner, a professional competitor, a certified Instructor, an active duty officer, or simply to gain more confidence in an unpredictable urban setting; just give it a try and see results!

    Whenever attending our classes, please be sure to always bring all of your current protective training gear (Groin protector for males / a Mouth-guard / MMA Gloves), plenty of water, and a hand towel to every session. Additional protective gear will be provided or can be purchased here.

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    Westminster, CA, USA