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Learn Striking

Striking has been around in one form or another for centuries. The basic tenets of stand-up fighting are light footwork and strong attacks with both arms and legs. Two of the best examples of stand-up fighting are: Muay-Thai and Boxing.

Learn Trapping

JKD Trapping range is the crossroads between kickboxing, boxing and grappling. Examples of other martial arts which utilize some form of close range trapping are: Wing-Chun, Pencak-Silat and Filipino Martial Arts.

Learn Grappling

JKD Integrated Submission Grappling encompasses a variety of systems, including some of the most popular styles such as: Judo, Catch Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, Sambo and Shooto-Shootfighting.

Dare to Compare!

In 2014, Paul S. Lewis hosted the inaugural International Jeet Kune Do Comparison (IJKDC) event at the 50th anniversary Long Beach International Karate Championship (LBIKC). This event was initially designed to showcase the different skills of JKD practitioners from all over the world. With its continued success, we now welcome Martial Artists and team representatives from all disciplines and styles (including MMA, Wing Chun, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and more) coming in from all across the United States, Mexico, Canada, as far away as England, Europe and even Norway, to participate.

This highly-specialized portion of the overall grand event provided a unique showcase for Jeet Kune Do practitioners from all over the world to gather and compare their skill levels on a public platform. Registered entries from around the globe were welcomed and the first ever IJKDC met with great success. We now welcome Martial Artists from all disciplines and styles including: MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun, Boxing and Muay Thai.

In addition to the IJKDC itself, outstanding Jeet Kune Do seminar workshops were conducted by select instructors, and a festive interactive dinner and discussion with our esteemed special guests, staff members and participants occurred in the evenings.
Thanks to its continual evolution and the ever-growing acceptance by martial arts enthusiasts worldwide, IJKDC events are now being successfully held on a yearly basis.

Paul S. Lewis and the entire IJKDC staff welcome all martial artists to join us at our next event by registering online at www.ijkdc.com, and together we’ll make JKD great again!

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