Striking has been around in one form or another for centuries. The basic tenets of stand-up fighting are light footwork and strong attacks with both arms and legs. Two of the best examples of stand-up fighting are: Muay-Thai and Boxing.


JKD Trapping range is the crossroads between kickboxing, boxing and grappling. Examples of other martial arts which utilize some form of close range trapping are: Wing-Chun, Pencak-Silat and Filipino Martial Arts.


Integrated Submission Grappling encompasses a variety of systems, including some of the most popular styles such as: Judo, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, Sambo and Shooto-Shootfighting.

This exciting special event was a part of the 50th Anniversary LBIKC to celebrate the ground-breaking martial arts contributions as set forth by Bruce Lee & Ed Parker Sr., started in the 1960’s. This event included a one-of-a-kind specialized JKD comparison, JKD seminar workshops conducted by select instructors, and a festive interactive dinner and discussion with our esteemed special guests, staff members and participants. Read More

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“Just a humble student of IJKDC Training …. proud to be a member of the Collective and happy to be able to train!”

“We have one hell of a good teacher and to boot he knows and has trained with some of the top ‘Martial Minds’ minds of our day! If you want to learn to fight come here!!”

“We have seen more new members, returning IJKDC students & visitors coming in to participate more frequently within the last few weeks…and we welcome everybuddy to come check us out and have fun learning an effective blend of martial arts specifically designed for urban survival.”

“A hardcore group of dedicated martial artists and detailed training is the way Bruce Lee did it. I love having this IJKDC Training experience!”

“I had a fantastic time at this IJKDC Training session. Trapping, hitting people with sticks and SPARRING! Truly an eventful meetup. I cannot wait for the next one.”

“IJKDC Training has so much to offer – training, self defense, physical & mental health, and is a great group to be a member of!”

“A very good day of extensive semi-private IJKDC Training this morning! We worked a lot on various Shooto-Shootfighting drills, most played off a boxer’s offensive jab-cross combinations & JKD Trapping too. We included a list of kicks, punches, knees & elbows, plus split-sectoring, angles of attacks & evasive counters. We all worked up a very good sweat today!”