IJKDC Combatives Seminars

IJKDC COMBATIVES will conduct comprehensive training seminars and workshops at your facilities worldwide. Current program members will receive discounted plans. Customized curriculum is available.

At the heart of all our seminars and workshops lies the core material absorbed by Sifu Paul S. Lewis as a result of what he has learned directly from all of his primary instructors. He has spent nearly four decades engaged in extensive research, building on and developing the main principles of Jeet Kune Do, including all ranges of combat (Striking / Kicking / Trapping / Grappling). Continually incorporating many aspects of Boxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, Krav Maga and the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Escrima / Arnis), into a practical format that is focused mainly on applicable urban self-defense options.

Since we believe that every individual is far more important than any particular martial arts style or established system, everyone attending an official IJKDC Combatives seminar will positively help all body-types to learn how to identify a more personalized approach by using natural biomechanics and a deep level mental focus. Students will not be expected to waste any time developing useless robotic actions that will only prove to be futile in a real-life situation. Instead, here your time in training will be maximized as much as possible during each and every seminar.

*Whenever attending our seminars or workshops, be sure to always bring all of your useable protective training gear (Groin protector for males / a mouth-guard / MMA gloves), plenty of water, and a clean towel for yourself. A notepad and pencil is recommended.

Booking IJKDC Combatives seminars with Sifu Paul S. Lewis at your location is the very best way to learn more about the first-hand impact of our specialized training.

Interested parties can contact us directly at ijkdc2018@gmail.com for scheduling.