Our Founder

Sifu Lewis with his instructor JKD Legend Larry Hartsell


Our founder Paul S. Lewis started his martial arts career all the way back in the late 1970’s, and went on to win back-to-back “No-Holds Barred” competitions after moving to Chicago, Illinois. Upon returning to the west in 1983, Sifu Lewis became an avid kick-boxer and eventually won the 1993 California State Open T.K.D. Championships. As Paul continued cross-training he began to question whether the systems he was training in at the time were truly conducive to dealing with real-life threatening encounters on the street. So, he began researching more combative options by seeking out specific instructors in earnest.

Since then, Paul S. Lewis has trained with luminaries such as Larry Hartsell, Gokor Chivichyan, “Judo” Gene LeBell, Richard Bustillo, Patrick Strong, Paul Vunak, Jon Gul Park and Woon Choi, among many other respected world-renowned martial arts pioneers.

Paul is one of the few individuals to have the coveted JFJKDGA “Senior” instructorship certification as a long-time Private student under the legendary Sifu Larry Hartsell. He has studied a variety of Martial Arts including but not limited to: Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD, Muay-Thai, Shooto/Shoot-Fighting, Filipino Kali-Eskrima-Arnis, Boxing, Silat, Catch-as-Can Wrestling, Sambo, Judo and Integrated Grappling.

Sifu Paul S. Lewis founded IJKDC Events in 2014, and is also the president of American Martial Arts Movement online magazine.


IJKDC COMBATIVES offers reasonable rates to conduct comprehensive training seminars and workshops at your facilities worldwide.

Booking IJKDC Seminars with Sifu Paul S. Lewis at your location is the very best way to learn more about the first-hand impact of our specialized training. Interested parties can contact us directly at ijkdc2018@gmail.com for scheduling.

Share our Focus

At the heart of all our seminars and workshops lies the core material absorbed by Sifu Paul S. Lewis as a result of what has been learned directly from all of his chief instructors. He has spent up to four decades engaged in extensive research, building on and developing the main principles of Jeet Kune Do, including all ranges of combat (Striking, Kicking, Trapping, Grappling and Weapons). Continually incorporating many aspects of Boxing, Shooto-Shootfighting, Muay Thai, integrated Grappling, Krav Maga and the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Escrima / Arnis), into a practical format that is focused mainly on urban self-defense options.


This intensive program is designed to formally certify new instructors as recognized representatives of our Association. By enrolling, interested individuals will be provided with online tools to progress within the program towards full certification. At which time, these certified IJKDC Combatives instructors are encouraged to seek out their own students and may be referred by our Administration to conduct seminars as our official agents.

Become a registered member of our IJKDC Combatives Instructorship Certification Program now to access online training. Contact us via email at ijkdc2018@gmail.com for more information.


Since we believe that every individual is far more important than any particular martial arts style or established system, IJKDC Combatives Training will positively identify a personalized approach for all of our members to better benefit particular body-types using practical abilities to best suit their own unique anatomy, thus, highlighting only useful techniques that may serve them best. Students will not be expected to waste any time developing useless robotic actions that will only prove to be futile in a real-life situation. Instead, here your time in training will be maximized as much as possible during each and every training session.

For participants seriously aiming to develop themselves as professional Mixed-Martial Artists or those individuals interested in competing in various martial arts Tournaments, IJKDC Training can become a valuable asset in your corner. We offer a complete curriculum for up-and-coming MMA or Muay-Thai fighters, and those mainly focused on integrated grappling tournaments. IJKDC Combatives Training has already produced several winning sport fighters in MMA and kick-boxing events, and we now have others looking forward to competing. Also, we can provide you with plenty of skilled sparring partners!

IJKDC Combatives Training can assist you to reach all of your martial arts goals. Whether you choose to become a serious competitor, a professional MMA fighter, or simply to gain more confidence in an unpredictable urban setting…just give a try and see for yourself!

Whenever attending our classes, please be sure to always bring all of your current protective training gear (Groin protector for males / a Mouth-guard / MMA Gloves), plenty of water, and a hand towel to every session. Additional protective gear will be provided or can be purchased.

Start your training now by contacting us via email at ijkdc2018@gmail.com