IJKDC Training

Jun Fan Gung Fu-Jeet Kune Do was developed in the 1960’s and was further evolved in the early 1970’s by its founder, the legendary Bruce Lee. Although, it was derived from more than one source of martial arts, its roots clearly come from Wing Chun Gung Fu, Boxing and even Fencing. Upon arriving stateside from Hong Kong, Bruce Lee settled in Seattle, WA. where he originally began teaching his first students. He then decided to move to Oakland, CA. where his teaching and personal approach continued to develop. Next, he moved further south into Los Angeles, CA. and opened up a school (kwoon) in the Chinatown district. There, he expanded greatly and accepted some celebrity students, such as famous Hollywood actors Steve McQueen, James Coburn, James Garner, as well as basketball giant Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

IJKDC Training focuses much on Bruce Lee’s original Jun Fan Gung Fu-Jeet Kune Do concepts and additionally effective cross-training strictly in reality based fighting methods. Our scientific approach offers any individual a chance to develop themselves to greater potentials through a series of streamlined principals designed for those mainly interested in a no-nonsense attitude towards serious self defense training.

Since we believe that every individual is far more important than any particular martial arts style or established system, IJKDC Training will positively identify a personalized approach for all of our members to better benefit your particular body-type using practical abilities to best suit your own unique anatomy. Thus, highlighting only useful techniques that may serve you best. You will not be expected to waste any time developing useless robotic actions that will only prove to be futile in a real-life situation. Instead, here your time in training will be maximized as much as possible during each and every training session.

For participants seriously aiming to develop themselves as professional Mixed-Martial Artists or those individuals interested in competing in various martial arts Tournaments, IJKDC Training can become a valuable asset in your corner. We offer a complete curriculum for up and coming MMA fighters, Muay-Thai kickboxers, and those mainly focused on integrated grappling tournaments. IJKDC Training has already produced several winning sport-fighters in MMA and Kickboxing events, and we now have others looking forward to competing! Also, we can provide you with plenty of skilled sparring partners.

IJKDC Training can assist you to reach all of your martial arts goals. Whether you choose to become a serious competitor, a professional MMA fighter, or simply to gain more confidence in an unpredictable urban setting…give IJKDC Training a try.

Whenever attending our classes, please be sure to always bring all of your current protective training gear (Groin protector for males / a Mouth-guard / MMA Gloves), plenty of water, and a hand towel to every session. Additional protective gear will be provided or can be purchased.

To participate in IJKDC training email us now at: amamjkd@gmail.com